Our Lives Are Worth More Than Pennies

Our government allocates mere pennies per person for COPD research each year. Pennies—to fight a disease that kills three times as many Americans every year than the number of US soldiers killed in the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq combined. This is the message we're sending to people struggling with COPD.

Right now, someone you know has COPD. So why does the #3 killer among chronic diseases rank 176th in federal funding? We can't explain it, but we can change it.

With more funding and a greater focus on treatments, respiratory therapies, education, and ultimately, a cure, we can create hope for people living with this disease. That's why the COPD SOS initiative exists. We're getting the word out to Congress and demanding appropriate funding for COPD research today.

Let your voice be heard

Millions of Americans are suffering from COPD, yet Congress continues to ignore this devastating disease. Proper funding is the catalyst for research, treatments, rehabilitation, and more.

Through MoveOn.org, we're collecting 156,979 signatures—one for every person we lost in 2019 to chronic lower respiratory diseases like COPD—to show Congress that someone's paying attention.

Your name gets us one step closer to our goal of 156,979 signatures.


To sign, complete the fields below or view our petition at moveon.org.